Large & Medium sized paintings

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Potential Pathways
Potential Pathways
Shari Nye_Labyrinth_163x103_2023
Shari Nye_Under The Stars1.2MG
Under The Stars
Tree Magic
Beyond The Fence
Nye_Shari_Fields Alive
Fields Alive
Nye_Shari_ Memories Walk
Memories Walk
Excited Landscape: Shari Nye
Excited Landscape
Where There Is Water
Where There is Water
Abstract Painting Australian landscape
A Day Walking
Strength Of Rock: Shari Nye: Oil and acrylic on canvas
Strength Of Rock
Beneath The Surface
Nye Shari Silent Mountain
Silent Mountain
 Land Speaks
Land speaking
I remember: Shari Nye : 83 x 83 OIl and acrylic on polycotton
I Remember
Mysteries In The Mangroves
Hills Voice  122 x 122 cm
Hills Voice
NYE.Shari. This Mighty Land-
This Mighty Land
Remembering palm tree 600 x 600cm
Remembering Palm tree
NYE,Shari,Landscape Recall
Landscape Recall
Secret Garden
Secret Garden

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